Together, we make life easier

For the last 37 years, we have helped make farm life better by hosting Western Canada’s premiere grain industry tradeshow and by keeping the unique needs of Prairie producers in mind.

The Right Time

As fellow-agriculturalists, we know the long hours put in during the spring, summer and fall. Winter is your time to recuperate, spend time with family and maybe even anticipate a vacation before the snow melts. We’ve ear-marked mid-January as the ideal time to focus on the growing season ahead.

The Right People

We gather together the best producers, the best service providers and the best industry experts, under one roof for a spectacular 4-day showcase that never fails to inspire, educate and enlighten on a wide variety of grain industry topics.

The Right Price

We believe in getting value for your money. We make attendance affordable by keeping our admission prices reasonable; $17.50 per day or $30 for those who want to spend two days with us.



All your future clients, under one roof, at the same time. Not to mention world-class facilities and over 185,000 sq ft of display space.

Focused on Grain

Over 95 per cent of the people who walk through the doors are directly involved in the grain industry. That’s why the criteria for exhibiting at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show is so tightly focused. The only exhibits you’ll find on our trade show floor are those directly related to crop production.

While maintaining this focus has been challenging, the rewards have been worth it. Our visitors appreciate this approach and your business will benefit from a highly concentrated crowd of producers interested in your products and services.

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