Exhibitors List


We always have such great exhibitors! Check out the list of confirmed exhibitors for the 2020 Western Canadian Crop Production Show!
Check back regularly as this list gets updated on a weekly basis.

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2020 Exhibitors List

Aberhart Ag Solutions A 20,21 www.aberhartagsolutions.ca
ABJ Agri Products D 133 abjagri.com
Adair Sales & Marketing Company Inc. D 32-39 www.adairreps.com
ADAMA Canada B149,150 adama.com/canada
ADM – Agri Industries Company B 92-94  
Adroit Overseas Enterprises Ltd B 7 http://adroitoverseas.com
AFAB Industries Inc   AFAB Industries
Affinity Credit Union  C3A
Affinity Management / Compass A 128 www.startcompass.com
Affordable Parts B 140-142 affordableparts.ca
AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd. A 97 www.agdirecthail.com
Ag Exchange Group B 129 www.cxn360.com
Ag Shield LTD D 81-82 agshield.com
AgChieve Corporation B 99 www.agchieve.ca
AGI C 30 aggrowth.com
AGI Envirotank Ltd D 103 www.envirotank.com
Agremote Systems D 48-49 www.agremote.com
AgriARM B 64 www.agriarm.ca
Agricultural Producers Association of Sa A 108 www.apas.ca
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada C 18-20  
Agrimatics A 133 www.agrimatics.com
Agrow Guard Distribution Inc. A 130 smracek@pris.ca
AGT Foods B138,139-158,159 www.agtfoods.com
Agtron D 166-167 www.agtron.com
Ahornhof Farm Ltd D 142 ahornhof.ltd
Airguard Incorporated D 117-118 www.airguardproducts.com
AlbertaImmigration.com Ltd B 132 www.globalfarmranch.com
Allen Leigh Security & Communications Lt B 127 www.precisioncam.ca
Alliance Seed B 44 allianceseed.com
ALPINE A 86-88 www.alpinepfl.com
Amsoil The First In Synthetics B 86 Www.itstheoil.com
AMVT LLC A 92 www.amvt.net
Apollo Machine and Products Ltd D 61 www.apollomills.com
Arnold Innovations D 58 www.arnoldinnovations.ca
ArrowCorp Inc. A 56,57 www.arrowcorp.com
ASLE Technolgies Group (ATG) A 107 www.asle.ca
Atlas Industries Ltd D 13 www.atlasindustries.ca
Atom Jet Industries D 94-95 agriculture.atomjet.com
ATP Nutrition Ltd. A 110,111 atpnutrition.ca
Avena Foods Ltd B 128 avenafoods.com
AWS Airbar D 193-194 www.awsairbar.com
Back to Your Roots Soil Solutions Inc A 117  
BASF Canada A62-66 https://www.basf.com/ca/en.html
Bayer CropScience Inc. A 58-61 www.cropscience.bayer.ca
 Belchim Crop Protection Canada A 94 https://www.belchimcanada.com
Belle Pulses B 114 bellepulses.ca
Best Farming Systems A 90,91 www.bestfarmingsystems.com
BioAgronics A 122,123 bioagronics.com
Bioriginal Food and Science Corp B 90  
BLUE WATER IRRIGATION DEV LTD B 31 Bluewaterirrigation.ca
BMO Bank of Montreal B 91 www.bmo.com
 BoortMalt B 143,144  
Bourgault Industries Ltd. D 5 www.bourgault.com
Bourgault Tillage Tools D 16-19 tillagetools.com
Bourgault Tillage Tools – Weed Clipper D D 20 www.weedclipper.com
Brandt Agricultural Products D 212 www.brandt.ca
BrettYoung B 165,166 www.brettyoung.ca
BroadGrain Commodities Inc B 19 www.broadgrain.com
Brownlees Trucking Inc. D 29 www.brownlees.ca
Buffer Valley Industries C 34,35 www.buffervalley.com
Bunge Canada B 61-63 Nicole.Sturby@bunge.com
Bushel Plus D 77 www.bushelplus.ca
Calidon Equipment Leasing C 41,42 www.calidon.ca
Canada Malting Co Ltd. B 74  
Canadagrain.com B 14 http://canadagrain.com
Canadian Canola Growers Association B 110,111 www.ccga.ca
Canadian Grain Commission C 4,5 www.grainscanada.gc.ca
Canadian Humalite International Inc. A 129 canadianhumaliteinternational.com
Canadian Tarpaulin Manufacturers Ltd. B 136 www.cantarp.com
Canpulse Foods Ltd B 55 www.canpulsefoodsltd.com
Can-Seed Equipment Ltd. A 35-37 www.canseedequip.com
CANTERRA SEEDS B 105,106 www.canterra.com
CapstanAG D 51-53 www.capstanag.ca
 Cargill B 120-122 Cargillag.ca
CASA B 109 www.casa-acsa.ca
Cervus Equipment – Peterbilt D 174-176, 195-197 www.cervusequipment.com/peterbilt/
CGF Brokerage and Consulting B 123 www.cgfbrokerage.com
CIM Commercial Ind. Mfg. D 21 www.cim-ltd.ca
Class 1A Safety Instruction Center Ltd A 143 www.class1a.ca
Cleanfarms Inc. A 142 www.cleanfarms.ca
Cleanfix North America Inc. D 89 www.cleanfix.org
Combine World D 86-87 www.combineworld.com
Condie Seed B 84 www.Condieseed.ca
Construction Fasteners D 113 www.cf-t.com
Conveyair by Thor Manufacturing Ltd. D 153-154 www.conveyair.com
Co-op Agro A 67,68 www.agro.crs
Corr Grain Systems Inc. C 44,45 www.corrgrain.ca
 Corteva Agriscienec A 16,17-40,41 www.corteva.ca
Crary Industries D 129-130 www.crary.com
 Crop Aid Nutrition A 24-25 www.cropaidnutrition.com
CropPro Consulting D 155-156 www.croppro.ca
CWB National Leasing C 6 cwbnationalleasing.com
Darmani Grain Storage C 12-14, 27-29 www.darmani.ca
DAVE ROSS EQUIPMENT LTD B 160 https://rossequip.ca
Decisive Farming D 124-125 www.decisivefarming.com
Degelman Industries D 219 www.degelman.com
Department of Plant Sciences/Crop Develo B 60  
Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers D 201-202 rotomudscrapers.com
Diamond Doors Inc C 60 www.diamonddoors.com
Dimo’s / Labtronics B 12,13 www.labtronics.ca
Discovery Seed Labs B 170,171  
DLF PICKSEED B 58 dlfpickseed.ca
DTN B 6 www.dtn.com
Ducks Unlimited Canada B 32 www.ducks.ca
Dutch Openers (A Division of Dutch Ind.) D 121-123 dutchopeners.com
Dwayne Enterprises Ltd. D 90,91 www.dwayneenterprises.ca
DyTerra D 54-55  
Earth Smart Solutions A 89 www.earth-smart-solutions.com
Eastwood Products Ltd D 44,45 eastwoodproducts.ca
EBM Manufacturing D 190 www.gentleroll.com
EF Grain Monitoring D 83 efgrain.ca
Elmer’s Manufacturing D 7 www.elmersmfg.com
ET Works Canada/ Equipment technologies D 12 www.etsprayers.com
ETG Commodities Inc. B 161 www.etgworld.com
EVOLVsolar C2a www.evolvsolar.com
Faba Canada Ltd B 124 fabacanadan.com
Farmagro sales ltd D 50 www.farmagrosales.com
FarmChem B 89 www.farmchem.com
Farmers Business Network A 22,23 www.fbn.com
Farmers Edge A 51,52 www.farmersedge.ca
Farmers of North America and AgraCity A 112,113-126,127 fna.ca
Farmtronics D 42 www.farmtronics.com
FBC – Canada’s Farm and Small Business A 131 www.fbc.ca
FCC C15-17/24-26 www.fcc.ca
FGI B 102  
 First Pass Technologies Inc. D 27 firstpass.ag
Flaman Group of Companies B21-23/49-51, A76-77/99-101, D 8 www.flaman.com
Flash Welding Ltd. C 32,33 flashwelding.biz
Flexxifinger QD Industires Inc D 178-179 www.flexxifinger.com
FMC A 7,8 www.fmccrop.ca
Foundation Seeds B8 www.fdnseeds.com.
FP Genetics Inc. B 10,11 www.fpgenetics.ca
Free Form Plastics A 144,141.5,145 www.freeformplastics.com
Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd B 87 manitobaharvest.com
Frontline Truck and Trailer D 62 www.frontlinett.com
Frontlink Inc. D 149-150 www.frontlinkinc.com
Full Line Ag D 9 www.fulllineag.com
G3 Canada Limited B 175,176 www.g3.ca
Gaber Distributors D 220,221 www.gaber.com
Garratt Industries A78-80 garrattindustries.com
Gatco Manufacturing C 10-11 www.gatcomfg.com
GBC Equipment D 161-164,207-210 www.gbcdistributors.com
GEN Mfg. Ltd D 192 www.wearpoints.com
Glacier FarmMedia C 39,40  
GlenMor Equipment D 168-170 www.glenmor.cc
Global Ag Risk Solutions B 147,148 agrisksolutions.ca
Golden West Trailer D 214 www.goldenwesttrailer.com
Goodon Industries Ltd. C 8 www.goodon.com
Gowan Canada A 69,70 www.gowancanada.com
Graham Seed Treating Systems Ltd B 163,164 www.seedtreating.com
Grain Bin Direct C 1,2 www.grainbindirect.com
Grain Cleaning LLC A 105,106 www.gcsgraincleaner.com
Grain Millers Canada Corp. B 45,46 www.grainmillers.com
Grain Shark B 107 grainshark.com
Grain Storage Solutions D 222-224 www.grainstoragesolutions.ca
Grainport Inc B 66  
Gratton Coulee Agri Parts Ltd. D 128 gcparts.com
Great Western Commodities B 108 www.greatwesternrail.com
Green Aero Tech B 113 www.greenaerotech.com
Griffin Ag Services Ltd C 61 griffinagservices.com
Hammond Realty B 15,16 www.hammondrealty.ca
Harvest Services a Division of RalpH Mck D 114 mckayempire.com
Haukaas Industries Ltd D 140-141 haukaas.com
Haul All Industries Ltd. D 191 www.haulallindustries.com
Hemp Genetics International B 24 www.hempgenetics.ca
Herb, Spice and Specialty Agriculture B 35 www.hssa-sk.ca
Hold-on Industries D 184-187 www.holdonindustries.com
Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd. D 2 www.honeybee.ca
Horsch D 132 www.horsch.com
Huber Ag Equipment Ltd. A 132 www.huberequipment.com
Husky Energy B 83 www.huskygrain.com
ILCAg Farm Labour Solutions B 162 www.ilcag.ca
Imperial Seed B 20 www.imperialseed.com
Industrial Scale Inc D 152 www.industrialscale.ca
Innovative Ag Performance Group Ltd. B 167, 167A www.innovative-ag.ca
Integrity Post Structures C 59 www.integritybuilt.com
Intelligent Ag D 14-15 www.intelligentag.com
Interlake Resources Inc C 51,52 Www.interlakeresources.com
Intertek B 100 www.Intertek.com
Janzen Steel Buildings Ltd C 36,37 www.janzensteelbuildings.com
JGL Commodities B 81,82 www.jglgrain.com
John Deere D 217 www.deere.ca
Just Solutions Agriculture A 104 www.justsolutionsag.com
K-Hart Industries Ltd D 171-173,198-200 www.khartindustries.com
Knight Archer Insurance A 26 www.knightarcher.com
KOCH Agronomic Services Lobby  
Kramble Industries Inc. D 188-189 www.kramble.net
Lakeshore Sales D 180 www.lakeshoresales.ca
Lakeview Insurance Brokers Ltd. B 4 www.lakeviewinsurance.com
Lallemand Plant Care A 49 crops.lallemandplantcare.com/canada/
Lambert Distributing D 78-79 www.lambertlawngarden.com
LandView Drones Inc. D 139 www.landview.com
Lane Realty Corporation B 174 www.lanerealtycorp.com
LEMKEN Canada Inc. D 88 https://lemken.com/en-ca/
 Lewis M Carter Manufacturing (Canada) Lt A 81-83 lewismcarter.com
Louis Dreyfus Commodities B 67,68 https://www.ldc.com/global/en/
LSM Grain Ltd B 5  
Mad Concaves D 76  
Magnum Fabricating Ltd C 53  
Malteurop B 75 malteurop.com
Market Place Commodities Ltd. B 25 www.marketplacecommodities.com
Market Tire D 84,85 www.markettire.ca
Marketbook B 54 www.marketbook.ca
Massload Technologies Inc. D 63,64 www.massload.com
Maximum Training for the Trucking Industry B 173 maximumtraining.ca
Maxquip Inc D 92,93 www.maxquip.ca
McDougall Acres Ltd. B 56 www.mcdougallacres.com
Meridian Manufacturing Inc. D 216 www.meridianmfg.com
Miccar Aerial/Good Spirit Air Service D 181 www.miccaraerial.com
Michel’s industries D 22,23 www.michels.ca
Middle Lake Steel C 3 www.middlelakesteel.ca
miEnergy Solar B 85 www.mienergy.ca
Millsap Fuel Distributors Ltd. A 11-13 www.millsapfuels.ca
MNP B 157 MNP.ca
Moody’s Equipment D 3 www.newholland.com
Morris Industries D 24-25,46-47 www.morris-industries.com
Municipal Hail Insurance B 57 www.smhi.ca
Natural Specialty Crops ULC. B 88  
Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. D 56,57 www.neeralta.com
New Way Irrigation B 146 newwayirrigation.com
Nexeed Inc. A 1-3 www.nexeed.ca
NexusBioAg A 53,54 nexusbioag.com
Nordstrong Equipment Ltd. C 22,23 www.nordstrongequipment.com
Norstar Industries Ltd. C56-58 www.norstarindustries.ca
North West Terminal B134,135 northwestterminal.com
Northern Quinoa Production Corporation B 156 sss.quinoa.com
Northern Strands C54,55 www.northernstrands.com
NorthStar Genetics B 17,18 www.northstargenetics.com
Novid Inc D 135 www.novid.ca
Nufarm Agriculture Inc A 27-30 www.nufarm.ca
NutriAg Ltd A 4
Nutrien Ag Solutions B 76-78 www.nutrienagsolutions.ca/
Omex Agriculture Inc. A 31,32 www.omexcanada.com
ONE STOP IMMIGRATION SERVICES LTD. B 30 www.onestopimmigration.ca
One-Step Automation Inc A 10 www.one-step.ca
OPI Systems D 107 www.advancedgrainmanagement.com/
Outback Guidance D 109-110  
Parrish & Heimbecker B 70-73  
Paterson Grain B 28-29 www.patersongrain.com
Pattison Liquid Systems D 74-75,96-97 www.liquidsystems.net
Penergetic Canada A 146,147 penergetic.ca
Pentair Hypro D 203-204 www.pentair.com/hypro
Performance Seed B 47 www.performanceseed.ca
PhiBer Manufacturing Inc. D 205-206 www.phiber.ca
Pillar Lasers Inc D 182-183 www.pillarag.com
Pioneer A 14,15/42,43 www.pioneer.com/ca-en
Pipeline Foods B 42 www.pipelinefoods.com
Polywest D 177 www.polywest.ca
Positioning & Autosteer Technologies (PA D 159-160 www.patinc.info
PowerRich Corporation A 33,34 www.powerrich.com
Prairie Agricultural Machinery In. PAMI D 165 www.pami.ca
Prairie Grain Analyzers Inc B 59 www.grainanalyzers.ca
Prairie Mobile Communications B 9 www.prairiemobile.com
Prairie Steel Products Ltd. C 46,47 www.prairiesteel.com
Precision Drainage Solutions Ltd. B 119 www.precisiondrainagesolutions.com
PRECISION FARM PARTS INC A 136-138 www.pfparts.com
Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. B 26 www.pro-cert.org
Provincial Airways D 108 www.provincialairways.net
Q-Line Trucking B 1,2 www.QLineTrucking.com
Quantum Genetix A 109 quantumgenetix.com
Raczynski Sales Inc A 139,140 grainsystems.ca
Raven D 136-138 www.ravenprecision.com
Rayglen Commodities Inc. B 95,96 www.rayglen.com
RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty B 154 www.farms-remax-yorkton.ca
REDEKOP MANUFACTURING 2014 D 30-31 www.strawchopper.com
Redhead Equipment D 211 www.redheadequipment.ca
Reesink Canada Wholesale – Agrifac D70-73,98-101 www.reesinkcw.ca, www.agrifac.com
RENN Mill Center D 148 www.rennmill.com
Richardson Pioneer Ltd. A 18,19/38,39 www.richardson.ca
 Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers (Canada) Ltd. B 97,98 ritchiebros.com
Rite Way Mfg.Co. Ltd. D 157-158 www.ritewaymfg.com
Rockyford Steel LTD C 9 www.rockyfordsteel.com
RODONO INDUSTRIES LTD D 145-147 www.rodono.ca
Romafa Metal Works, Inc. D 26 romafa.com
ROSETOWN FLIGHTING SUPPLY D 80 www.flightingsupply.com
Rosler Construction 2000 Inc. B 33,34 www.roslerconstruction.ca
ROSTECH ELECTRONICS A 135 www.rostech.com
Royal Bank B 48 https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/business/advice/farm-expansion.html
RPC BPI Agriculture D 28 www.rpc-bpiag.com
Salford Group D 218 www.salfordgroup.com
Saskatchewan Credit Unions C 21  
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation B 36,37 www.scic.ca
Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Associa B 43 irrigationsaskatchewan.com
Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture B 38-41 www.saskatchewan.ca/agriculture
 SASKATOON AGRI-AUTO PARTS INC. D 11-12,59-60 www.agri-auto.sk.ca
Satake USA Inc. A 98 www.satake-usa.com
Schergain D 43 Schergain.ca
Schluter & Maack B 53 www.schlueter-maack.de/en/senfsaaten/
 Schulte Industries Ltd. D 215 www.schulte.ca
Scoular Canada Ltd. B 130,131 scoularspecialcrops.com
Seaboard Special Crops B 3 www.seaboardspecialcrops.com
SeCan B 151,152  
Seed Solutions Seed Labs B 112 www.seedsolutionsseedlabs.com
SeedMaster Manufacturing Inc. D 6 www.seedmaster.ca
SGS Canada Inc. B 103 www.sgs.com
Shymko Farm Sales D 40  
Simply Agriculture Solutions Inc. B 126 www.simplyag.ca
Simpson Seeds Inc. B 101 simpsonseeds.com
Smart Earth Camelina Corp B 69 www.smartearthseeds.com
SMS Manufacturing ltd. A 50 www.smsmanufacturing.ca
Spraytest Controls Inc D 126-127 spraytest@sasktel.net
Stewart Steel D 41  
Stoller Enterprises Ltd A 55 www.stollerenterprises.ca
Sunnybrook Welding and Machine Shop D 151 www.sunnybrookwelding.com
Sunrise Foods International B 137 www.sunrisefoods.com
Superior Handling A 5-6 www.superiorhandling.ca
Syngenta Canada A 44-48/71-75 www.syngenta.ca/
Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc A 95,96 www.taurus.ag
TD Canada Trust Agriculture Services B 155 www.tdcanadatrust.com/agriculture
TeeJet Technologies D 143-144 www.teejet.com
TELUS A 118-119, 120-121 www.telus.com
Terra Grain Fuels B 117 www.terragrainfuels.com
Terramax B 118 terramaxseed.com
The Agricultural Health and Safety Netwo A 134 agsafety.usask.ca
The Retiring Farmer B 115,116 www.theretiringfarmer.com
The Water Clinic D 104 www.thewaterclinic.com
Thunder Seed Inc B 153 thunderseed.com/
Thunderstruck Ag Equipment D 67-69 thunderstruckag.com
Tiger-Sul A 93 www.tigersul.com/
Top Grade Ag C 3 wildeagventures.com
Top Krop Fertilizers A 102,103 www.topkrop.ca
Tridekon D 11 www.tridekon.com
Triple Star Manufacturing Ltd. D 115-116 www.triplestarmfg.com
TruGreen Metal Recycling Inc. D 102 www.trugreenmetal.ca
TruKare Tank & Meter Service D 105-106 trukare.com
UAP Canada Inc (United Agri Products) A 114,116 www.uap.ca
UPL AgroSolutions Canada Inc A 84,85 upl-ltd.com/ca
Vaderstad Industries Inc D 10 vaderstad.com/ca-en
Verdient Foods Inc B 145 www.verdientfoodsinc.com/
Versaframe Inc. D 119,120 www.versaframe.ca
Versatile D 213 www.versatile-ag.com
 Viterra B52,79 www.viterra.com
Wadena Steel and Supply Ltd B 80 www.wadenasteel.ca
Wall Grain Handling Systems Ltd C 48-50 www.wallgrain.com
Water Security Agency B 27 www.wsask.ca
Waterhouse Seeds Ltd B 125 Waterhouseseeds.net
Wentworth Ag (2003) Inc C 38 www.grainequipment.com
Western Ag Systems Ltd. C 7 www.westernagsystems.com
Western Sales B 172 www.westernsales.ca
Wilbur-Ellis Company of Canada Ltd. B 104 wilburellisnutrition.com
Wilger Industries Ltd. D 111-112 www.wilger.net
Wilke Sales D 131 www.wilkesales.com
Wood Country C 31 www.wood-country.com
XiteBio Technologies Inc. A 141 www.xitebio.ca
X-Steam-inator A 9 www.xsteaminator.com
Yara Belle Plaine A 124, 125 www.yaracanada.ca
Zipperlock Building Co (2005) Inc B 133 www.zipperlock.com


The Western Canadian Crop Production Show is an annual event held at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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