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Welcome to the 35th annual Western Canadian Crop Production Show. Please complete the application below and click submit.  You will receive a copy via email.

If your application is approved you will receive an invoice by October 30, 2017 to the email address you provide below. If you have any questions regarding your application please contact: 306-931-7149 or email: lcates@saskatoonex.com. Show information and additional services will be forwarded at a later date.

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Focused on Grain

Criteria for exhibiting at the show is very focused, leading to an event specifically geared toward the grain industry. Maintaining this focus over the years has been a challenge, but the rewards have made it worthwhile. Today, the only exhibits you will find at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show are those directly related to crop production. Our show visitors have come to appreciate this approach, and more than 95 percent of the people who walk through our doors are directly involved in grain production.



The Western Canadian Crop Production Show is an annual event held at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Sk.

The Western Canadian Crop Production Show is presented by:

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